The Greenland Mineral Resources Portal is an entry point to all available information about mineral resources in Greenland. It gives mineral exploration companies, scientists and other interested parties access to data, reports, maps and scientific background information about the geology of Greenland.

Interactive GIS-map of Greenland

The GIS map allows searches in several databases (themes), based on geographical position. You can inspect and download search results straight away as metadata and pdf-files. Data downloads are availabe from the web shop.

Available data (GIS map and web shop)

  • Company reports & GEUS survey publications
  • Descriptions of mineral occurrences, intrusions and magmatic complexes 
  • Airborne geophysical survey coverage
  • Stream sediment geochemistry
  • Ujarassiorit mineral hunt samples
  • Digital geological map (1: 500 000)
  • Georeferenced geological map sheets (1: 100 000)


2016-04-12: New Geochronology Database

A new geochronology database has been compiled and added to the map viewer web application on the Greenland Mineral Resources Portal. The database contains hundreds of U-Pb age determinations gathered from published literature sources. The geochronology database is an ongoing project between Curtin University, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Government of Greenland and the Centre for Exploration Targeting – Curtin Node. A description of the Geochronology Database is provided here."

2016-11-02: High resolution Aerial Photos now available on the web portal read more...

A new layer with low and high resolution vertical aerial photos has been added to the greenland portal. Click on the  "Acces To Data" button,  Open the Photography tab and check the Vertical photos (© GST) layer

2016-03-04: New Map viewer

New interactive map and web shop will be released on April 1st. Try out the beta-version of the new map by clicking the orange button on this page. Questions and comments are welcome and can be sent to Mikael Pedersen.

2014-02-28: Aeromag 2013 - Data freely available

Aeromagnetic data from the Aeromag 2013 survey have been processed, and are now freely available. To obtain a copy of the data please download this form, fill it out, and return it to:
Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources (MIM)
Postbox 1601, Imaneq 1A,
301 3900 Nuuk,

2014-01-31: New results from North Greenland added to the Zinc data Package read more...

Recent fieldwork in North East Greenland adds new data to already established data package on zinc. 

In 2012 and 2013 reconnaissance work was carried out in the Eastern part of the Franklinian Basin of North Greenland - within the framework of the so called NordZink project. The areas of Kronprins Christian Land, Peary Land and Amundsen Land were covered and stream sediment samples were collected. The analytical results of this work complement those included in the zinc data package, originally released in 2011. The new data (locations + complete analytical results) on these additional stream sediment samples can be downloaded at ZincDataPackageUpdate.xls (Microsoft Excel file ~600kb). This new data can be used in new exploration initiatives.

Further information on the results of the carried out work, including the setting of recently identified mineral occurrences, can be found in the following published reports:

Rosa, D. & Kalvig, P., 2013: Reconnaissance for Mississippi Valley-type Zn-Pb deposits in the Franklinian Basin, Eastern North Greenland – Results of the 2012 Season. Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2013/19, 33pp.

Rosa, D., Rasmussen, J.A., Sørensen, E.V. & Kalvig, P., 2014: Reconnaissance for Mississippi Valley-type and SEDEX Zn-Pb deposits in the Franklinian Basin, Eastern North Greenland – Results of the 2013 Season. Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2014/6, 40pp.

The reports can be ordered from

Senior Research Scientist Diogo Rosa
Telephone: 9133 3859

2013-11-27: Aeromag 2013 survey completed in South-East Greenland

The Aeromag 2013 airborne magnetic survey was completed in September 2013, and all data has now been processed and delivered to GEUS. A total of 65,271 line km were flown covering coastal regions in South-East Greenland, stretching from north of Umiiviik (64°45’N) and further northward to Kruuse Fjord (67°30’N).

The survey was flown by EON Geoscience Inc. on a contract with GEUS. GEUS supervised the survey, performed the quality control and will do the interpretation of the data. The processed data will be released in connection with the PDAC in Toronto, 2014. At the same time, overview anomaly maps will be put on display at this portal.

2013-03-01: Aeromag 2012 - Data freely available

Aeromagnetic data from the Aeromag 2012 survey have been processed, and are now freely available. To obtain a copy of the data please download this form , fill it out, and return it to:
Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources (MIMR)
Postbox 1601, Imaneq 1A,
301 3900 Nuuk,

2012-11-15: Aeromag 2012 - EON Geosciences Ltd has begun delivery of the aeromagnetic survey of Sou read more...

The goals were achieved and more than 48. 000 line kilometres of data had been acquired, when the last flight out of Narssarsuaq was finished on 4 October 2012 and the EON Geosciences’ aircraft could start the trip back to its home base in Montreal after a job well done. The processing of the data is now well underway and all deliverables are expected to be in GEUS’ hands before the agreed deadline of 1 December 2012. The data are confidential until March 2013 and will be released during the PDAC in Toronto. At the same time, overview anomaly maps will be put on display at this portal.

2012-06-20: Aeromag 2012 - aeromagnetic survey operations over SE Greenland started read more...

After a successful EON Geoscience Ltd mobilization to Narsarsuaq, South Greenland on 17 June 2012, the necessary local tests and calibrations of the equipment have now been carried out and the production flights have started on 20 June 2012. The aircraft is a Piper Navajo PA-31, registration C-FEON.

Narsarsuaq will be the base of operations for 2012. Weather and geomagnetic conditions allowing, the EON Geoscience aircraft will depart daily on measuring flights in the survey area along the coast of south east Greenland. After in-field corrections and processing, the data will be preliminarily delivered to GEUS for quality control. The final data base and maps will be delivered to GEUS by EON Geoscience Ltd in December 2012. The data will be confidential until March 2013 and EON Geoscience Ltd has received instructions in accordance with the contract not to show the data, maps and results to anyone, while operating in Greenland. The goal is to acquire some 50,000 Line km data in 2012.
GEUS will at regular interval give the status of the data acquisition at the GEUS home page and on this site.
The project is a joint research project for the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum and GEUS. EON Geosciences Inc. was chosen for the airborne operations in Greenland through an international open tender, in which eight different companies participated.

2012-05-09: SE Greenland aeromagnetic survey to start in May - EON Geoscience Ltd is the operator read more...

GEUS can announce that the tender round for the geophysical survey Aeromag 2012 & 2013 over SE Greenland now has been concluded with the signing of a contract with EON Geosciences Ltd from Quebec, Canada, for both years. Eight companies participated in the tender.

GEUS and BMP are satisfied to be able to move ahead with this important survey that is to be carried out as a part of a joint BMP/GEUS research and development project. EON Geosciences Ltd. plans to mobilise May 2012 for the first year’s data acquisition, operating out of Narsarssuaq in South Greenland and utilizing Kulusuk as the required alternate airport. The goal is to acquire some 50.000 line kilometres of aeromagnetic data in 2012, to be used in the mineral resource assessment programme presently underway in the region, in another joint project of BMP and GEUS. The data will be released to the public around the time of the next PDAC conference in Toronto, March 2013. Until then the data are confidential.

The specifications of the survey correspond to the Aeromag surveying programme: line spacing 500 m, tie line spacing 5000 m, altitude c. 300 m draped.  Further news from the operations will be forthcoming here at regular intervals.

2012-03-05: Greenland Mineral Resources Portal was officially launched for the public today read more...

It happened at the “Greenland Day” arranged by the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum at the PDAC 2012. Reactions and comments are welcome!

2012-02-23: Tender for airborne magnetic survey in South-East Greenland has been announced read more...

In cooperation with the Bureau of Mineral and Petroleum (BMP), Government of Greenland, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) has invited tenders for the provision of airborne magnetic surveying in Greenland related to project AEROMAG 2012 & 2013. GEUS will be managing the project. Bids shall be submitted envelope to GEUS not later than 26 March 2012. For details, see the original announcement of the tender.

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